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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’ve been busy here at Snapdragon trying to prepare and be super organised, so that for our customers and the team, this Valentines season should be a breeze!

Roses, of course will be everywhere but there will be loads of other beautiful blooms and the shop will be bursting at the seams with gorgeous flowers. These images of our work, taken at a recent photo shoot with Corinne Macdonald Photography gives a glimpse of what to expect in our shop. And who knows… you may be lucky enough to receive a bouquet yourself…drop hints to your other half well in advance!

A florist’s shop can seem a bit more expensive than a supermarket, but for a little extra you can be assured that our flowers are of the highest quality; strong, with a good stem length and we buy in more interesting and unusual varieties. They are also carefully prepared and conditioned the moment they arrive from the wholesaler, then our creative team gets to work expertly designing, arranging and wrapping your bouquet in a way that is just so much more special than a supermarket bunch.

For many people the traditional dozen (or two dozen for the very lucky!) red roses bouquet is the ultimate in romance but something that bit different can be amazing too. Take a look at our online shop and be inspired!


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