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Flowers for Valentine’s Day? Yes please!

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Valentine’s Day is almost here again… It’s that special day of the year to celebrate being in love, and although you may consider it just a little bit cheesy, if you don’t mark it in some way, your other half is sure to notice! Giving flowers is still the most traditional way to show your love on Valentine’s Day and it is such a treat to receive a gorgeous bouquet of flowers that have been carefully chosen, then handtied and wrapped beautifully. A supermarket bunch made on a flower factory assembly line just does not cut it!

A florist’s shop can seem a little more expensive than the supermarket but our flowers are of the highest quality; strong, with a good stem length and we buy more inspiring and unusual varieties. We take great care to prepare and condition all the flowers and foliage the moment they arrive from the wholesaler, then we get to work creating something we love and that’s what makes the difference.

Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest periods in a florists’ year and the team here at Snapdragon Edinburgh are now preparing for our third Valentine’s. We’ve been busy creating a few special designs for Valentine’s Day and we all love them so much they’ll likely feature as regulars both for our online shop and in our shop in Bruntsfield and at the G&V Royal Mile Hotel.

Roses are clear favourites at this time of year and they do feature in many of our bouquets, either as the leading ladies or in a supporting role, but there will be loads of other beautiful blooms there too. Visit our Valentine’s online shop to buy our flowers online and find out more.


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